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Coherent LaserCheck Handheld Power Meter

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Coherent LaserCheck Handheld Power Meter

Coherent LaserCheck Handheld Power Meter

Hand held laser power meter with integrated sensor


The LaserCheck is a hand-held laser power meter from Coherent Inc which is suitable for measuring output powers in the range 10μW to 10mW over 400nm to 1064nm. With an integrated sensor and LCD it is a compact, self contained device.

Being small, lightweight and self-contained, it can easily be stored in a pocket or tool kit.


  • Hand-held laser power meter
  • Integrated sensor
  • Auto-ranging with peak sample-and-hold
  • Power measurement from 10μW-1W
  • +/-8% calibrated accuracy from 400-1064nm
  • RoHS Compliant

The instrument is micro-processor controlled with wavelength correction, auto-ranging (μW or mW displayed), power overload warning and automatic shut off. At higher powers the embedded silicon photodiode is protected from saturation with a built-in optical attenuator.

LaserCheck is supplied ready to use, complete with battery, integral pocket clip, storage case, CE certification and user instruction sheet.

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Sensor type Silicon cell
Built-in attenuator 1mm-thick NG-10
Aperture size 8mm
Wavelength range 400-1064nm
Accuracy +/-5%
Maximum CW power 10mW
Maximum CW power with attenuator 1W
Minimum CW power 3-10μW (wavelength dependent
Minimum power resolution 0.01μW
Displayed power ranges 9.99μW to 999mW
Maximum power density 0.5W/cm2
Maximum power density with attenuator 30W/cm2
Measurement display 3-digit LCD with power unit indicator

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