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Coherent Verdi OPSL CW Laser

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Coherent Verdi OPSL CW Laser

Coherent Verdi OPSL CW Laser

Family of high power OPSL lasers with CW power up to 18W at 532nm


Providing high-stability TEM00 CW power up to 18 W at 532 nm, the Verdi is ideal for a wide range of applications including semiconductor inspection, annealing, holography, and Ti:Sapphire pumping.


The Verdi series features OPSL models ideal for semiconductor inspection, annealing, and Ti:S pumping. It also includes SLM single-longitudinal mode OPSL and DPSS lasers for interferometry/holography and ultra-low noise applications.


The new Verdi C is a high performance CW laser providing up to 18 W at 532 nm. The laser head, power supply and controller are integrated into a single compact package - 60% smaller than the Verdi G ! - for ease of integration in both research and industrial applications.


OPSL technology enables:

  • No thermal lensing - OPS chip allows power to be changed without affecting beam parameters
  • No "green noise" - lowest RMS noise spec <0.02% (from 10Hz to 100MHz) with OPS chip's short upper state lifetime
  • Simplified optical cavity and system design with fewer components makes it 50% in footprint compared to systems from other suppliers
  • Wavelength flexibility and power scalability - offers future path to new wavelengths and higher power
  • State-of-the-art AAA pump diode material
  • Features PermAlign™ technology
  • Lower cost of ownership
For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


 Verdi C Series datasheet                                               Read more on Coherent's website                             


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