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Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

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Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

Nikon's benchtop optical comparator with enhanced features for improved precision and ease of operation


This inspection instrument enlarges and projects a workpiece onto the screen with accurate magnification and, in combination with a precision stage, data processing equipment, or the like, the shape and dimensions of the workpiece can be observed and measured. These projectors are ideal for the measurement and inspection of items like precision parts and dies in the automobile, machine tool, electronic parts and other such industries. Moreover, they are put to use in such varied fields as fish scale observation and check inspection.
This series features an effective screen diameter of 305mm. It employs a focusing mechanism in which focusing is provided by moving the objective head up and down, making it possible to mount stages with longer cross travel. Also available is a type that delivers erect images and features a built-in digital counter and/or protractor.


Large Stage Mountable: Focusing is achieved by moving the objective head up and down, allowing stages with longer cross travel to be mounted
Adjustable Base Feet: Workpieces as tall as 100mm can be loaded
Projection Lenses: All projection lenses, 5x to 500x, boast high resolution and minimal distortion, with longer working distances
Four-step Zooming Condenser Lens: Using contour illumination, this condenser delivers the right amount of light to suit the magnification of the projection lens selected
Switchable Vertical/Oblique Illumination: Built-in surface illuminator can be switched between vertical and oblique illumination
Erect Images: Projection images are erect and unreversed for easy measurements
Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor: The V-12BDC and 12BSC types come with a digital XY counter, while the V-12BDC and V-12BD types have a built-in digital protractor for greater ease-of-use


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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