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Nikon V-20B Profile Projector

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Nikon V-20B Profile Projector

Nikon V-20B Profile Projector

A larger capacity vertical projector features a 20" screen and permits mounting of a large stage


This inspection instrument enlarges and projects a workpiece onto the screen with accurate magnification and, in combination with a precision stage, data processing equipment, or the like, the shape and dimensions of the workpiece can be observed and measured. These projectors are ideal for the measurement and inspection of items like precision parts and dies in the automobile, machine tool, electronic parts and other such industries. Moreover, they are put to use in such varied fields as fish scale observation and check inspection.
With an effective screen diameter of 500mm, it can also accommodate a larger stage and includes a built-in digital counter and digital protractor.


Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor: Makes this one of Nikon's most advanced comparators
Five Types of Projection Lenses: 5x field of view 100mm, 10x field of view 50mm, 20x field of view 25mm, 50x field of view 10mm, 100x field of view 5mm
Workpieces Up to 20kg Measurable: Stage up/down movement unit is very sturdy, workpieces as heavy as 20kg can be loaded
Parfocal Projection Lens: All projection lenses have the same parfocal distance and feature long working distances. With improved image brightness and resolution, the V-20B delivers images with excellent quality, while enabling observation in a comfortable posture by rectifying the eye-point height


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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