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Aerotech Stages

Aerotech Stages

Linear, rotary and lift and Z-axis


Aerotech manufactures a large selection of linear, rotary and lift and Z-axis positioning stages that utilise their own brushless linear direct-drive servomotors, as well as ball-screw models driven with Aerotech brush or brushless rotary motors. Travels for their linear tables range from 25mm to 1.5m. Aerotech's positioning stages are utlised in high-performance applications in industrial robots, fibreoptics and photonics, vision systems, machine tools, assembly, semiconductor equipment, medical component laser machining, micromachining, electronic manufacturing, and other industrial automation applications.


Aerotech offer a complete line of nanopositioning stages that provide nanometre resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and in-spoition stability with travels from 25mm to 160mm. In addition, aerotech manufactures drives and motion controllers that perfectly complement the positioning stages.


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ALAR Large Aperture Rotary Stage Family of direct drive rotary stages provide superior angular positioning and velocity control
ABL Air-bearing Direct-drive Linear Stage Highest performance miniature air-bearing stages
ANT Linear Direct-drive Nanopositioning Stage The world's first nanopositioning stages with greater than 25mm travel
ALS Mechanical-bearing Direct-drive Linear Stage Sub-nanometre resolution
PRO Mechanical-bearing Direct-drive Linear Stage Higher stiffness, load capacity and improved geometric performance
PRO Mechanical-bearing, Ball-screw Stage Second generation with enhanced positioning specifications
ECO Mechanical-bearing, Linear Motor Stage  Low total cost of ownership motion control
ECO Mechanical-bearing, Ball-screw Stage Low cost of ownership
MPS Miniature Mechanical-bearing Linear Stage Compact, high-performance linear positioning stage
MPS Miniature Mechanical-bearing Screw-driven Lift Stage High performance elevation motion is a compact, cost-effective design
ATS Mechanical Bearing Screw-driven Linear Stage High resolution and repeatability
Planar Two axis Mechanical Bearing Ball Screw Stage Exceptional performance in a cost effective, low profile package
ABRx Air-bearing Direct Drive Rotary Stage Superior angular positioning, velocity stability and error motion performance
ADRS Mechanical-bearing Direct Drive Rotary Stage Superior angular position and velocity control
APR High Precision Mechanical Bearing Rotary Stage Excellent for high accuracy rotary positioning
AGR Gear-driven Rotary Stages Improved version of previous generations of worm-gear-drive stages


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