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Gooch & Housego Crystal Optics

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Gooch & Housego Crystal Optics

Gooch & Housego

Gooch & Housego produces many different crystals from a variety of materials. Beginning with the raw chemicals they grow, orient, fabricate, finish, coat, and mount BBO, CdS, CdSe, KDP, and KD*P crystals in housings with apertures from 3mm to more than 300mm.

Gooch & Housego manufacture our crystals to work in optical components such as acousto-optic modulators, lithium niobate Mach-Zehnder modulators, and others. Large KDP and KD*P crystal plates grown and finished by Gooch & Housego make laser fusion possible.

LN Wafers
Congruent and MgO doped wafers for optical waveguide applications read more

Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate
High efficiency quasi phase-matching for OPO, SHG and DFG applications read more

Nonlinear Optics
Crystal for nonlinear frequency conversion applications from the DUV to the FIR read more

Waveplates - IR3+µm
CdS and CdSe waveplates in many configurations for the infrared beyond 3µm read more

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