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Gooch & Housego Acousto Optics

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Gooch & Housego Acousto Optics

Gooch & Housego

No two applications are the same; no two customers are the same. Gooch & Housego work closely with customers' scientists and engineers to help them design state-of-the-art solutions.

G&H carry out all areas of critical production in-house, from material selection to final assembly and testing. Their thin-film coating facilities produce superior quality optical surfaces with unsurpassed damage threshold.

At the cornerstone of their operations is a willingness to take on unusual or demanding projects and provide one-off bespoke solutions and prototyping. This is coupled with volume manufacturing capacity and highly developed quality assurance systems. Rigorous inspection is enforced at all stages of manufacture to ensure that only the highest quality product is shipped.

Beam Deflectors (AOBD)
Highly customised designs for high speed, solid state scanning applications read more

Frequency Shifters (AOFS)
Light is Doppler shifter by the centre RF frequency of the device read more

Single frequency devices allowing intensity modulation of collimated light read more

Pulse Pickers, Cavity Dumpers
Modulators ideal for separating pulses interbally or externally to laser cavity read more

RF Drivers
Electronic controllers specifically designed for acousto-optic devices read more

Fibre-Coupled Devices
G&H offers both standard products, and a custom design and manufacture service read more

Mode Lockers (AOML)
Standing wave AO devices for generating mode locked laser pulse widths read more

Multi-Channel Modulators (AOMC)
Allow independent modulation of multiple beams or a sheet of collimated light read more

Q-Switches (AOQS)
High power, low loss units lowering the cavity Q-factor and holding off lasing read more

Tunable Filters (AOTF)
Select specific wavelengths broadband or multiline light sources read more

Additional hardware useful for mounting and aligning certain AO devices read more

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