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CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

CoolLED pT-100 LED Source

Optimised Transmitted Light LED Illumination


Utilising the highly successful pE-100wht technology, we have further developed our LED solutions for Transmitted Light Applications. The pT-100 is a single channel Illumination System for the transmitted port of your microscope and comes in four variants, one broad white output and three narrower bandwidths.

  • Broad white output - pT-100-WHT
  • Narrow bandiwdth at 525nm pT-100-525
  • Narrow bandwidth at 635nm pT-100-635
  • Narrow bandwidth at 770nm pT-100-770

These variants can provide solutions for a range of transmitted imaging techniques including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, Dodt gradient contrast and phase contrast.



  • Instant on/off  - no shutters required, no warm up or cool down
  • Simple to fit, simple to use – no need to align
  • Stable & repeatable – reliable and consistent results
  • Wide range of microscope adaptors – fits most microscopes
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) – no ND filters required
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view – fixed and stable, no alignment necessary
  • Long lifetime
  • Spectral performance matched to 100W halogen – familiar images (pT-100-WHT)
  • No variation in colour across intensity range – no need to colour balance (pT-100-WHT)
  • Replaces 100W halogen lamp housing on most current and older microscopes – quick & easy exchange (pT-100-WHT)
  • No unwanted UV – reduced risk of eye damage (pT-100-WHT)
  • A phosphor-free illumination centred around 525nm optimised for the spectral resonse of most scientific cameras (pT-100-525)
  • Reduced fear of background from a phosphored LED (pT-100-525)
  • A phosphor-free solution for brightfield imaging with a peak of 635nm providing deeper penetration in thicker samples (pT-100-635)
  • Reduced stimulation or damage to light-sensitive samples (pT-100-635)
  • A specialised solution for IR contrast techniques such as DIC, Dodt contrast etc (pT-100-770)
  • Centred around 770nm providing the optimal output for deeper sample penetration techniques requiring infrared light (pT-100-770)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.




pT-100 datasheet                                                                      Read more on CoolLED's website