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Bruker Contour GT-X 3D Optical Profiler

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Bruker Contour GT-X 3D Optical Profiler

Bruker Contour GT-X 3D Optical Profiler

Automated, gauge-capable metrology for R&D and production

Bruker NanoSurfaces



The ContourGT-X 3D Optical Profiler provides the highest performing non-contact surface measurements for laboratory research and production process control. As the pinnacle of ten generations of white light interferometry innovation and design, this metrology system delivers the highest vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view. Key features include full automation, a large motorised X, Y, Z stage, tip/tilt in the head, and an integral air isolation table.


Designed from the ground up for the most demanding R&D, quality assurance, and process quality control needs, the ContourGT-X offers the ultimate in gauge-capable 3D optical accuracy and robustness.


ContourGT-X incorporates Bruker’s patented tip/tilt head, a patented self-calibrating laser reference, integrated pattern recognition, and a host of other proprietary interferometry innovations to deliver extremely accurate surface metrology with high throughput. The system’s automation-ready configuration enables rapid optimisation in almost any production environment with features ranging from an air table stabilizer kit for enhanced X, Y, Z wafer placement accuracy and PDU, EMO, and vacuum systems for integration to modified vacuum chucks for autoloader end-effector compatibility.


The ContourGT-X motorised XY stage provides 12-inch encoded movement in the X and Y directions. The stage supports automated routines, such as multiple-point data collection, as well as stitching capability for large-area analyses. The 0.5 micron encoders provide reliable, repeatable automation and sample positioning. Sample positioning is made easy for operators by intuitive joystick and software interface controls.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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