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Prior ProScan III Controller

Prior ProScan III Controller

Microscopy automation control system

Prior Scientific

The compact and modular design of the ProScan® III system is capable of controlling u to 16 individual stepper motor axes including a motorised stage, focussing device, three filter wheels and three shutters with the speed accuracy and precision required by today's highly automated and demanding applications.


  • Compact, space saving design
  • odular, expand to include the axes you need,
  • Control up to 16 axes
  • Drive stages at up to 300mms-1
  • Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST)
  • USB or RS232 communications
  • Programmable TTL's
  • Compatible with the Interactive Control Centre
  • Encoder upgrade

The ProScan III offers USB and serial communications, four TTL inputs and outputs, encoder feedback for closed loop operation and a comprehensive high level software comment set including DLL's. All accessories, such as filter wheels and shutters can be controlled manually via the Interactive Control Centre which completes the ProScan III product range.

The basic model can control 1 ProScan stage and focus, 4 TTL input and outputs, supports the interactive control centre and 2 x RS232 ports. The expansion module can contain 3 x filter wheels (inclusive of auxilliary axis) and 3 shutters.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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