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Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorised Research Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorised Research Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorised Research Microscope

Fully motorised and advanced research upright microscope offering automated acquisition capabilities of multi-dimensional images


ECLIPSE Ni-E, Nikon's top-of-the-line motorised upright microscope, was developed to meet the increasing demands for sophistication and automation of research. ECLIPSE Ni-E boasts flexible system expandability and supports a broad range of advanced research applications. With Nikon's proprietary stratum structure, exchangeable focusing mechanisms, from focusing stage to focusing nosepiece, a diverse array of motorized accessories, and automatically changing observation conditions, Ni-E has expanded application possibilities to provide the perfect solution for all advanced bioscience and medical research.



Maximum System Expandability: Using core technology from Nikon's renowned Eclipse Ti inverted research microscope, the Ni-E offers versatile multi-mode system expandability to suit a vast range of image possibilities.

Advanced Motorisation: To meet the need for more versatile experiment techniques, more motorised options, such as filter wheel, high speed shutter and photoactivation unit, are now available.

Improved Optical Performance: The Ni-E incorporates a number of Nikon innovations that provide unsurpassed optical performance including "Fly-Eye" Lens Array, Noise Terminator, Nano Crystal Coat and the All-new CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Series Objectives.

Powerful Digital Imaging Capabilities: The Ni-E can be controlled in conjunction with a Digital Sight series digital camera, facilitating effortless digital imaging. Images can be captured with a dedicated button on the microscope body, the touch panel on the camera control unit, or the software GUI on a PC.

New Streamlined Design: The Ni series employs a modern, organic design in the microscope wing that adds a gentle beauty while reducing stress during lengthy observations.


For information on the Ni-U click here. For further information on the Ni-E please contact us or download the datasheet.


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