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Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

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Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

Developed for standard research applications, requiring four-dimensional imaging and advanced device control capabilities


NIS-Elements BR is scaled to manage basic research applications. While not as full featured as the Advanced Research module, BR offers most of the total imaging solutions as its more powerful counterpart. With BR, you still have access to advanced image capture, archiving, and analysis solutions that are easy-to-use and provide maximum workflow.


BR handles multi-dimensional imaging with ease, with support for capture, display, data management, analysis and additional options for peripheral device control, and multi-dimensional acquisition. The 4D module builds four dimensional acquisition into BR (For example: X, Y, T, λ (wavelength) or X, Y, Z, XY (multi-point)). It also provides advanced image processing options such as database capabilities and report generation, intensity over time measurement, and Extended Depth of Focus functionality.


The system contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving, searching, and analysis of large numbers of multi-dimensional image files.


Acqusition and device control for standard research applications:

  • Basic Multidimensional Imaging
  • Integration of all moving parts so you can focus on science and data
  • Measurement - Intensity, ROI's, Counting, Morphology
  • Large Image Stitching
  • Show Multi-Channel Data and Timelapse
  • Unique Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) view for creating beautiful, high-contrast, in-focus 2D projection images from 3D data (optional)


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet


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