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TMC Overhead Shelves and Other Accessories

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TMC Overhead Shelves and Other Accessories

TMC Overhead Shelves and Other Accessories

Accessories for optical tables, optical tops, optical breadboards and supports


Overhead Shelf

An ideal storage rack for equipment and instrumentation used in conjunction with an optical table. Spanning the long axis of the table, the overhead shelf is adjustable in height and free-standing, so vibration isolation will not be compromised. It includes a UL-approved electrical strip with two eight-grounded outlet strips in the 6-ft shelf and four eight-grounded outlets in the 8- and 10-ft shelves. Optional accessories include a second tier shelf or a hanging monitor shelf. Each shelf includes two rows of holes on a 50mm spacing to facilitate mounting of fixtures.

Built to the same rugged standards you've come to expect from TMC, the structure is formed steel with a non-resonant design, black powder coat finish and leveling feet for uneven floors. Capacity is 90kg.


Double Density

By combining TMC's existing uniquely small honeycomb cell size with their patented CleanTop II individual sealed hole technology, TMC are now able to offer twice the number of tapped holes. By using their existing honeycomb design, which is twice the cell density of other brand tables, there are absolutely no changes to any performance specifications. No alterations to the core design were necessary to accommodate the additional CleanTop II cups. TMC now offers the highest honeycomb core-density and smallest cell area in the industry, with their unique double-density tapped hole array.

CleanTop II DoubleDensity construction Standard CleanTop construction


Rounded Corners

CleanTop II tables no include user-friendly rounded corners as a standard feature. TMC laser-cut a generous 25mm radius at each corner of the table. Conventional table construction produces a 90° bend with is subsequently "dulled" by grinding or filing. Though dull, this right angle often leads to painful hip bruises for those logging long hours in the lab. The rounded corner feature eliminates this inconvenience. If required, conventional square corners are available at no extra charge.


Alpha-Numeric Grid

A handy option to ease replicating an optical setup is TMC's Alpha-Numeric Grid pattern. By electro-chemically etching a coordinate pattern on the top surface, each tapped hole has an address.


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