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TMC Tabletop CSP Passive Benchtop Isolator

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TMC Tabletop CSP Passive Benchtop Isolator

High performance vibration isolation system with compact sub-Hertz pendulum technology


Designed to support most common optical microscopes and provide vibration isolation performance similar to the full size laboratory tables, TMC's TableTop CSP provides a cost effective compact solution to isolating from vibration.

With a platform size of 458mm x 508mm it is large enough to support the footprint of most common upright and inverted microscopes and provides exceptional levels of vertical isolation, with self-levelling high control valves, and horizontal isolation, utilising TMC's unique Compact SubHertz Pendulum technology. The combination of vertical and horizontal isolation ensures the best possible performance in a compact size air isolator.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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