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Dedicated to the advancement of science and supporting the scientific community with innovatie and unique solutions to further their research, World Precision Instruments (WPI) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of animal physiology research equipment. Their products have 1000's of citations in notable peer-reviewed publications. They offer a broad range of instruments and suppliers to provide solutions for researchers in regenerative medicine, developmental biology, genetics, oncology, toxicology, cardiovascular studies and neuroscience.


Product Keywords
WPI A310 Single Channel Pulse Generator
Combines the accuracy of digital electronics with the convenience of analog controls
WPI World Precision Instruments A310 Accupulser signal generator
WPI A320R Stimulator/Isolator for Precise Current Deliery
Constant current stimulus isolator with integrated pulse generator
WPI World Precision Instruments A320D stimulator isolator
WPI A385 High Current Stimulus Isolator
Constant current stimulus isolator with 100mA current range
WPI World Precision Instruments A385 high current stimulus isolator
WPI A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator
Replicates a programmed waveform of any shape or polarity
WPI World Precision Instruments A395 linear stimulus isolator
WPI Aladdin Programmable Syringe Pump
Programmable, economical, versatile
WPI World Precision Instruments AL-2000 aladdin pump syringe
WPI Anesthesia Systems
Single Animal Anesthesia System
WPI World Precision Instruments single animal anesthesia system EX-FF9000 EZ-7000 EZ-b800
WPI ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller
Maintain optimal animal temperature during research procedures
WPI World Precision Instruments ATC2000 Animal Temperature Controller
WPI Binocular Surgical Microscope
Portable High quality surgical microscope offering outstanding image quality and value
WPI surgioscope PSMB5N surgical microscope
WPI Bioclave Mini
Pre-programmed for basic sterilisation
WPI Autoclave Mini
WPI BP-1 Monitor and Transducer
Monitors blood pressure, force and temperature
WPI World Precision Instrument SYS-BP1 blood pressure monitor BLPR2
WPI Bulk Instrument Packs
WPI bulk instrument packs
WPI CardioPhys ECG Electrocardiogram Monitoring System
Accurately measure ECG and other biosignals in laboratory aniamls
WPI Catalogues
Download both WPI catalogues
WPI Catalogue
WPI Cell Culture Cup Chambers
For TEER measurement of epithelial and endothelial cell cultures
WPI Continuous Cycle Syringe Pump
Sturdy, reliable and extemely simple to set up and use
WPI World Precision Instruments SP210c continuous cycle syring pump
WPI DAM Series Bio-Amplifier
Extracellular amplifiers have a very high input impedance and high voltage gain capability
WPI DAM extracellular amplifiers
WPI DC3001 High Precision Manual/Motorised Micromanipulator
Features DC motor drives and fine control micrometers on all three axes
WPI DC3001 manual motorised micromanipulator
WPI Duo 773 Electrometer
Dual channel intracellular amplifier for dual or differential studies
WPI Duo 773 intracellular amplifier
WPI Ear Punches and Tags
WPI ear punches and tags World Precision Instruments
WPI Electrosurgery
WPI World Precision Instruments Electrosurgery
WPI EVC4000 Multichannel Voltage/Current Clamp
Safe, low voltage system with a range of voltage clamp commands
WPI EVC4000 epithelial voltage clamp
WPI EVOM Manual Epithelial Voltohmmeter
Improved workflow efficiency, more stable and repeatable measurements
WPI EVOM2 epithelial voltohmmeter
WPI ExiGo Precision Syringe Pump
Virtually pulse-free low volume delivery
WPI Exigo CX-E1000 CX-E2000 precision syringe pump
WPI FD223a Dual Channel Differential Electrometer
Dual differential, high impedance amplifier/electrometer
WPI FD223a amplifier electrometer
WPI Fluorodish Cell Culture Dish
Cover-glass bottom for observing and growing cells in imaging related research
WPI FluoroDish FD35 FD50 culture dishes
WPI Force Transducer 10g, 25g
Transforms applied force into proportional voltage
WPI fort force transducer
WPI Force Transducer >100g
Transforms applied force into proportional voltage
WPI Force Transducer FORT
WPI Forceps
WPI German Instruments
WPI Hemostats
WPI hemostats
WPI Hooks and Probes
WPI Hooks
WPI HS6 High Resolution Micromanipulator
Chosen worldwide for high resolution microrecording
WPI HS6 high resolution manual micromanipulator
WPI Infusion/Withdrawl Pump
Syringe pumps for high metering precision at low, pulse-free rates
WPI World Precision Instruments SP210iwZ infusion withdrawl pump SP230iwZ
WPI Instrument Care
WPI Instrument Care World Precision Instruments
Isolated, low-noise bio-amplifier
WPI Iso-DAM8A DC amplifier system
WPI ISO-80 Isolated Bio-Amplifier with Active Probe
Excellent recording performance for extracellular nerve AP
WPI ISO-80 isolated bio-amplifier with active probe
WPI Kima Microfluidic Pump for Continuous Cell Culture
Delivers present volume of liquid as programmed
WPI Kima microfluidic pump for continuous cell culture
WPI KITE Micromanipulator
Economy manual micromanipulator
WPI KITE economy manual micromanipulator
WPI Kits
WPI Kits
WPI Knives
WPI knives
WPI Langendorff Isolated Perfused Organ System, Kidney
Constant pressure and constant flow, single buffer column
WPI M3301 Manual Micromaniplator
The World's Most Widely Used Micromanipulator
WPI M3301 micromanipulator
WPI Manual Microsyringe Pump
Convenient tool for precise manual injection of fluid using glass pipettes or similar
WPI MMP manual microsyringe pump DMP
WPI Micro-ePORE Cell Penetrator
For targeted microinjection and increased viability of injected embryos
WPI MICRO-ePUMP Microinjector
Microinjection of diverse compounds and biomolecules - DNA, RNA, proteins
WPI MicroFil Flexible Plastic Needle
Flexible plastic needle that is perfect for filling micropiette
WPI Microinjection Overview
WPI offers a variety of pumps along with special syringes, stereotaxic frames, glass capillaries and needles
WPI microinjection pumps
WPI MINISTAR Miniature DC Peristaltic Pump
Compact and lightweight peristaltic pump fits just about anywhere
WPI World Precision Instruments Ministar Miniature pump
WPI Mirus Precision Syringe Pump
Very stable flow profile
WPI Mirus syringe pump
WPI Multi-port Measurement Chamber
Four-port closed chamber
WPI world Precision Instruments NOCHM multi-port four measurement chamber
WPI Multi-Syringe Infusion Pump
Sturdy, reliable and extemely simple to set up and use
WPI World Precision Instruments multi-syringe infusion pump
WPI NanoFil Injection Syringe System
Sub-microlitre injection system for small animal research
WPI NanoFil syringe injection system microlitre
WPI NanoLiter2020 Injector with SMARTouch Controller
Precise nanolitre-volume injections with intuitive SMARTouch controller
WPI Nanolitre Nanoliter injector
WPI Needles and Needle Holders
WPI Needle and Needle Holders
WPI OxyMicro Fibre Optic Oxygen Meter
A new generation of oxygen meters for fibre-optic microsensors
WPI World Precision Instruments oxymicro fibre optic oxygen meter
WPI Peri-Star Pro Peristaltic Pump
Provides accurate and precise pumping with convenience and versatility
WPI World Precision Instruments Peri-Star Pro peristaltic pump
WPI Potentiostat
Advanced neurotransmitter detection
WPI World Precision Instruments MicroC advanced neurotransmitter detection
WPI Pressure Sensor
Measures non-corrosive gases and gaseous fluids
WPI PNEU pressure sensor
WPI Probes
WPI Probes
WPI Pump Overview
Choosing the correct pump
pump peristaltic syringe pneumatic
WPI PV820 Pneumatic PicoPump
Repeatable microinjection in volumes ranging from picolitres to nanolitres
WPI pneumatic picopump
WPI PV830 Pneumatic PicoPump with Vacuum
Designed to simplify intracellular injection and a variety of other microinjection tasks
WPI pneumatic picopump vacuum pv830
WPI Retractors
WPI Retractors
WPI Ronguers and Punches
WPI Ronguers and Punches
WPI Scissors
WPI Scissors
WPI SI-CTS200 Cell Tester
Characterise and investigate functional physiological properties of single living cells
WPI SI-CTS200 cell tester
WPI SI-H Neely Langendorff Working Heart System
For use on small mammalian hearts (mouse, rat, guinea pig, hamster or rabbit)
WPI World Precision Instruments
WPI SI-MT Basic Muscle Tester
A convenient platform for all standard mechanical experiments on intact muscle preparations
WPI World Precision Instruments SI-H basic muscle tester SI-MT
WPI Single, Dual and Four-Syringe Infusion Pumps
Sturdy, reliable and extremely simple to set up and use
WPI World Precision Instruments SP100iZ SP200iZ SP250iZ syringe pumps
WPI Sl-H Column Langendorff Perfused Heart System
Isolated perfused heart system, single and dual buffer column
WPI World Precision Instruments SI-LANG isolated perfused heart system
WPI SPLG Series Syringe Pumps
Syringe pumps for reliable delivery with the ease of a touch screen
WPI World Precision Instruments SPLG syringe pumps
WPI Stagetop Environmental Chamber
Precise control of your cells environment
WPI live cell imaging incubator
WPI Stereotaxic Frame, Digital
Featuring sealed electronic sensors and an easy-to-read LCD
WPI Digital Stereotaxic frame 502300
WPI Stereotaxic Frame, One Arm
Dual manipulator stereotaxic frame series
WPI World PRecision Instruments stereotaxic frames
WPI Stereotaxic Instruments, Premium
A broad variety of stereotaxic instruments are available for various applications
WPI Surgical Tool Accessories
WPI Surgical Tool Accessories
WPI TBM4M Transbridge Transducer Amplifier
Four-channel analog transducer manifold, specifically designed to amplify output voltage signals
WPI TBM4M transbridge transducer amplifier
WPI TBR1025 One-channel Free Radical Analyser
Real-time detection using electrochemical microsensors
WPI TBR1025 single channel free radical analyser
WPI TBR4100 Four-channel Free Radical Analyser
Real-time detection and measurement of a variety of redox-reactive species is fast and easy
WPI World Precision Instruments TBR4100 free radical analyser
WPI Trinocular Surgical Microscope
Portable high quality surgical microscope offering outstanding image quality and value
WPI surgiscope surgical microscope PSMT5N
WPI Two- and Four-Syringe Push-Pull Pump
Sturdy, reliable and extremely simple to set up and use
WPI World Precision Instruments SP120pZ syringe pump SP260pZ
WPI Ultra Quiet Intracellular Amplifier
High quality intracellular amplifier perfect for students
WPI Electro 705 intracellular amplifier
WPI UltraMicroPump UMP3 with Controller
Versatile injector uses microsyringes to deliver picolitre volumes
WPI UltraMicroPump UMP3
WPI Ussing System
Non-destructive TEER measurement for epithelial tissue
WPI ussing epithelial tissue
WPI Vessel Clips
WPI Vessel Clips
WPI Veterinary Instruments
WPI Veterinary Instruments
WPI Wound Closure
WPI Wound Closure