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Introducing the New Sona sCMOS Camera

The latest model in the Sona back-illuminated sCMOS microscopy camera series has arrived.


The NEW Sona 4.2B-6 provides a superb balance of sensitivity, speed and resolution, making it perfectly suited to many challenging imaging applications. The new model joins the Sona 4.2B011, which offers the largest possible field of view at 32mm.



  • High sensitivity: Up to 95% QE
  • Fast Speeds: Up to 74fps
  • Large Field of View: Up to 32mm
  • Deep Cooled: -45°C cooling
  • Protected: UltravacTM sensor enclosure


Download the datasheet, read more or contact us for further information.

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Webinar : How to Improve Characterisation Efficiency for EBSD and EDS Applications

Friday 13 December

            Auckland (NZDT) : 5:00am
            Brisbane (AEST) : 2:00am
            Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart (AEDT) : 3:00am
            Adelaide (ACDT) : 2:30am
            Perth (AWST) : 12:00am


Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and EBSD are well-established microanalysis tools for today's characterisation laboratories. New developments in both hardware and software allow for improved efficiencies for users. In this webinar, improvements using EDAX's APEXTM and OIMTM Analysis software will be presented, showing users how they can accomplish more with less effort and time.

Presented by EDAX EBSD Product Manager, Matt Nowell.

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Webinar : Accelerating Semiconductor Processes Control

Tuesday 17 December

            Auckland (NZDT) : 10:00pm
            Brisbane (AEST) : 7:00pm
            Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart (AEDT) : 8:00pm
            Adelaide (ACDT) : 7:30pm
            Perth (AWST) : 5:00pm


Recent advances in 3D Optical Metrology accelerate in-line quality control for both front and back end processes. In this webinar, Bruker present case studies that address improving yield, identifying root cause  failure and driving next generation device development from bare wafer to final packaged device.

Bruker will highlight requirements for advanced telecommunication, compact on-board electronics, and electric vehicles covering metrology needs for denser interconnect networks, finer redistribution layer (RDL), direct wafer to wafer bonding and wafer fan-out packaging.

Front end (FEOL) examples will include:

  • Wafer bin roughness and edge roll-off
  • CMP efficiency full die flatness
  • CD metrology including TSV, deep trench RIE (Bosch process)
  • Epi layer defect quantification in high power devices

Back end (BEOL) and packaging examples will address:

  • Under Bump Metallisation (UBM)
  • Recess defect inspection
  • Full die screening for dense interconnect control

Speaker: Samuel Lesko, Senior Manager for Optical and Tribology Applications, Bruker Nano Surfaces Division

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OBIS Lasers and Power Meters on Sale

For all orders placed by 20 December 2019, Coherent Scientific is offering a 10% discount on all OBIS laser and Laser Measureemnt and Control products.

Contact Jeshua Graham Ph: (0488) 177 540 for a quotation today !


OBIS is a portfolio of compact UV, visible and near-IR lasers. OBIS also includes free space and fibre coupled units, beam combiners, miniaturised OEM laser formats and accessories.

  • Wavelengths ranging from 355nm to 980nm
  • Output powers up to 365mW
  • OPSL technology for superior beam parameters
  • Smallest footprint diode laser module on market
  • Easy integration into larger optical systems with various control methods


As the world's leading producer of laser systems, Coherent thoroughly understands the practical requirements and challenges of using laser measurement tools, putting us in a unique position to configure a laser measurement system that provides the right combination of performance, features, and cost for your specific needs. Download the catalogue to explore our full line of Laser Power Meters and Laser Energy meters and find the right device for your application

  • Measure all laser types: CW, quasi-CW, pulsed and ultrafast
  • Measure all wavelengths: UV through to IR
  • Various meter options for readout, ranging from simple point measurements to long term laser diagnostics
  • PowerMax and EnergyMax-USB models available for direct connection to your lab PC
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Nikon End of Year Sale Starts Today !

Significant savings are now available on Nikon's range of optical microscopes and digital cameras.

Contact us today for a quotation !


Eclipse Ni Advanced Research Upright Microscope      Eclipse Ci Clinical Upright Microscope
Eclipse E200 Educational Microscope         Eclipse E100 Student Microscope
SMZ25 Advanced Research Stereomicroscope    SMZ18 Advanced Research Stereomicroscope
SMZ1270 Zoom Stereomicroscope  SMZ800N Zoom Stereomicroscope
SMZ745 Zoom Stereomicroscope   SMZ445 Compact Stereomicroscope
Eclipse Ti2 Advanced Research Inverted Microscope    Eclipse Ts2R Compact Inverted Research Microscope
Eclipse Ts2 Routine Inverted Microscope  
DS-Ri2 Colour Microscope Camera DS-Qi2 Monochrome Microscope Camera
DS-Fi3 High-definition Colour Microscope Camera  

Sale ends 31 January 2020             

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