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WPI EoFY Extravaganza is Extended for Microdissection Products

We are pleased to continue to offer 25% off the very large range of surgical instruments from WPI, for the month of July.


Items can be purchase through our online store or contact Tim Watts +61 (0)8 8150 5289.


Sale extended to end Wednesday 31 July 2024.



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Oxford Instruments Andor Launches Two New Benchtop Microscopes

Oxford Instruments Andor, a world leader in scientific imaging solutions, today announced the launch of two new benchtop microscopes.


Following the successful introduction of the BC43 CF benchtop confocal microscope in 2021, Andor now offers benchtop fluorescence and super resolution models, all have been designed with cost, performance, and accessibility in mind.


The BC43 range will bring instant clarity and depth to research studies, whatever the sample, in ways previously only found in larger, more complex, and more expensive systems. The aim of the portfolio expansion is to make fluorescence, confocal, and super resolution microscopy accessible to a much wider user base across different research areas and experience levels.


The new BC43 WF is a compact, easy-to-use, and affordable widefield microscope, ideal for automated imaging and smaller budgets. This entry-level system enables hassle-free, high-quality fluorescence imaging, and its in-field upgradability allows researchers to extend into confocal and super-resolution microscopy as requirements or budgets increase.


Completing the portfolio is BC43 SR, a microscope that delivers super resolution data quicker and easier than ever before, resolving samples down to 140 nm.


Crucially, optical performance is backed up by Andor’s new IQ / OQ quality control programme, which ensures that all BC43 microscopes operate within tightly controlled parameters, and provides confidence that data and experiments are reproducible in the future. This has been developed in collaboration with QUAREP-LiMi, an initiative with over 600 members from academia and industry, which is aiming to improve the reproducibility of light microscopy experiments.


More modalities. More performance. More Certainty.


For further information please contact us or read more.


Image credit : Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells inside and on top of a 3D hydrogel. DNA is blue, lamin A/C is green, and tubulin is orange. Image credit: Sebastian Amos and Yu Suk Choi, University of Western Australia

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Gatan Sale

We are offering 15% discount on all Gatan TEM Holders and the EDAX Elements EDS detector, until Friday 28 June 2024.


Gatan provide a large range of TEM specimen holders for all applications - cooling, heating, straining, EDS, cryo- and vacuum transfer.


The Element EDS system from EDAX delivers powerful analytical capability in a compact package, maximising performance and flexibiltiy while providing stramlined operation to guarantee fast results and easy of use.


For further information please contact please contact Dr Arnab Chakraborty (0461) 402 441 or Jeshua Graham (0488) 177 540.

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Extended Long-distance QKD Deployment Capability

Cambridge, United Kingdom / Delft, Netherlands, 22nd April 2024: Toshiba Europe Ltd. and Single Quantum B.V. have collaborated to test and validate long-distance deployments of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology. Following extended validation testing of Toshiba’s QKD technology and Single Quantum’s superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs), both companies are pleased to announce a solution that substantially extends the transmission range for QKD deployment over fibre connections, up to and beyond 300km.


QKD uses the quantum properties of light to generate quantum secure keys that are immune to decryption by both high performance conventional and quantum computers. Toshiba’s QKD is deployed over fibre networks, either coexisting with conventional data transmissions on deployed ‘lit’ fibres, or on dedicated quantum fibres. Toshiba’s unique QKD technology can deliver quantum secure keys in a single fibre optic link at distances of up to 150km using standard integrated semiconductor devices. Achieving longer distance QKD fibre transmission is challenging due to the attenuation of the quantum signals along the fibre length, (the optical loss of the fibre link). To provide extended QKD transmission, operators typically concatenate fibre links together with trusted nodes along the fibre route which house QKD systems that relay the secret keys.


Download the full press release.

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New Semrock Raman Optical Filter Catalogue

Semrock stocks the widest selection of Raman-spectroscopy edge filters available, with edge wavelengths from 224 to 1550nm. These filters are so steep and highly transmitting that they out perform even the leading holographic notch filters, yet are less than half the price. Now you can see the weakest signals closer to the laser line than before. With deep laser-line blocking, ultra-wide and low-ripple passbands, proven hard-coating reliability, and high laser damage threshld, they offer performance that lasts.


Download Semrock's New Raman Optical Filter Catalogue or contact Julia King for further information.

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