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TMC has over 40 years of experience providing quiet work surfaces. They have an extensive range of vibration isolation products from simple, inexpensive benchtop isolated microscope bases, to virtually any size stiff and highly damped optical table. They also manufacture active vibration cancellation systems, electropneumatic vibration cancellation systems and magnetic field cancellation systems. Custom systems are also available.


Product Keywords
TMC 710 Series Non-magnetic Optical Top
Non-magnetic CleanTop optical top
TMC 710 CleanTop optical top table non-magnetic
TMC 730 Series Vacuum Compatible Optical Tops
Vacuum compatible CleanTop optical top
TMC 730 vacuum compatible clean top optical top table
TMC 780 Series Optical Tops
CleanTop all steel construction optical top
TMC 780 series cleantop II optical top table
TMC 790 Series ClassOne Optical Top
Class 100 cleanroom compatible, all stainless steel construction
TMC ClassOne CleanTop optical top table 790
TMC ClassOne Workstation
Maximum cleanroom compatibility
TMC ClassOne workstation
TMC CleanBench Accessories and Options
Accessorise your table to maximise its usefulness
cleanbench accessories
TMC CleanBench Aktiv
Designed to isolate ultra-precision instruments
TMC CleanBench High Capacity Workstation
Higher capacity isolators and more massive stainless steel top plate
TMC 68-500 high capacity lab table
TMC CleanBench Laboratory Tables
With gimbal piston vibration isolation
tmc cleanbench gimbal
TMC CleanTop Optical Breadboard
Three performance levels and a large variety of customisation options
TMC 75 series breadboard
TMC Electro-Damp II Active Air Vibration Cancellation System
Increase throughput, resolution and yield
electro-damp tmc active vibration isolation
TMC Faraday Cage
Type II and BenchTop Faraday cages
TMC Faraday Cage
TMC Hybrid Honeycomb Breadboard
Monolithic honeycomb structure with bonded face sheet
TMC Mag-NetX Magnetic Field Cancellation System
Actively compensates for magnetic field fluctuations
TMC Mag-NetX magnetic field cancellation system
TMC Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosure
For microscopes, AFM's and other small instruments
TMC 83-500 acoustic enclosure
TMC Multipurpose Acoustic Enclosures
Multi-purpose acoustic enclosure for microscopes, AFM's and other small instruments
Acoustic Enclosure 83-500
TMC Overhead Shelves and Other Accessories
Accessories for optical tables, optical tops, optical breadboards and supports
TMC overhead shelf double density table accessories rounded corners alphanumeric grid
TMC PEPS II Positioning System
Digital precision electronic positioning system
TMC PEPS II precisino electronic positioning system
TMC Quiet Island Compact Platform
Sub-Hertz active floor vibration cancellation
TMC Quiet Island Sub-Floor Platforms and Supports
A special platform combined with a dedicated support structure
TMC quiet island sub-floor platforms and supports
TMC SEM-Base VI Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation
Next generation in STACIS technology
TMC Stacis SEM-Base VI
TMC SEM-Closure Acoustic Enclosure
Total environmental solution
TMC SEM Closure acoustic
TMC STACIS Floor Platform
Configured with STACIS active piezoelectric isolators
TMC 65 series floor platform with STACIS
TMC STACIS III Isolator System
For the most vibration sensitive instruments
TMC STACIS advanced active vibration cancellation system
TMC STACIS iX LaserTable-Base
Hybrid piezoelectric/air active vibration cancellation system
TMC stacis iX lasertable-base hybrid piezoelectric/air vibratino cancellation system
TMC Stage-Base 450 System
The most advanced active vibration and motion cancellation system for moving stage applications
Stage=Base 450 TMC stacis ix
TMC Tabletop Isolators and Supports
Support system with tiebars or free-standing
TMC 4-post support system with tiebars