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Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest performance motion control, positioning tables/stages, and positioning systems for customers in industry, government, science and research institutions around the world. Aerotech's precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today's demanding applications in markets such as medical devices and life sciences, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronics manufacturing, test, assembly, research and development, and other markets requiring high precision, high throughput motion solutions.


Product Keywords
Aerotech A3200 Software-based Machine Controller
Ground-breaking motion, vision, PLC, robotics and I/O platform
Aerotech A3200 motion controller
Aerotech ABG10000 Gantry System
Puts Aerotech's core technologies and extensive manufacturing capability to work for you
aerotech ABG10000 aerotech
Aerotech Accesories
Aerotech ACT Linear Actuator
High performance, cost effective, linear servomotor driven actuator
aerotech act115dl linear actuator ACT140dl act165dl
Aerotech AGS1000 Gantry System
Provides outstanding performance and versatility in a wide range of automation platforms
aerotech ags1000 cartesian gantry
Aerotech AGS10000 Gantry System
Puts Aerotech's core technologies and extensive manufacturing capability to work for you
Aerotech AGS10000 gantry cartesian system
Aerotech AGS1500 Gantry System
Designed for ultra-precision, high dynamic contouring
Aerotech AGS15000 Gantry System
Designed for ultra-precision, high dynamic contouring
Aerotech AGS15000 gantry system
Aerotech AGV-HP High Accuracy Laser Scan Heads
Offers the highest level of accuracy of any laser
aerotech nmark AGV-HP thermally stable galvo scanner
Aerotech AMG Gimbal
Provide ultra-precise angular position, rate and acceleration - testskfdskdfj
aerotech amg gimbal
Aerotech AMG Low Profile Gimbal
Provides ultra-precise angular position, rate and accelaration
aerotech amg lp gimbal
Aerotech AMG-GR Gear-Drive Gimbals
Provides economical, high-accuracy elevation-over-azimuth positioning
Aerotech AMG-GR gear-drive motorised optical mount
Aerotech ANT Nanopositioning Stages
Sub-nanometre position stability and minimum incremental motion
Aerotech ANT-20G Goniometers
A significant breakthrough in the high-accuracy angular alignment of components
Aerotech ANT-20G goniometer
Aerotech ASR1200 Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive Rotary Collet Stage
Ideal for automated material handling with a sealed water jacket for wet cutting processes
aerotech asr2000 direct drive spindle
Aerotech ATX Linear Stages
Mechanical-bearing, screw-driven linear stage
Aerotech BLM Series Linear Motor
Ideal for both high-accuracy and high-throughput applications
aerotech blm series linear motor
Aerotech BLMC Series Linear Motor
Designed for high force in a compact package
aerotech blmc series linear motor
Aerotech BLMH Series Linear Motor
Features a high-efficiency magnetic circuit design
aerotech blmh series linear motor
Aerotech BLMSC Series Linear Motors
Ideally suited for space-constrained applications requiring high-acceleration or high force output
aerotech blmsc linear motors
Aerotech BLMUC Series Linear Motor
Ultra-compact U-channel motor measuring only 52mm x 20.8mm in cross section
aerotech blmuc ultra compact u channel motor
Aerotech BM Series Brushless Rotary Motors
Use rare-earth magnets with a skewed, low-inertia rotor design to deliver high torque output
Aerotech BMS Brushless, Slotless Rotary Motors
Ultimate in high-performance rotary motors
Aerotech Cartesius Cartesian Robot Gantry System
Ideal for many automation applications including pick and place
cartesius cartesian robot gantry system
Aerotech Custom Systems
Aerotech Ensemble Stand-Alone Multi-Axis Motion Controller
Next-generation, multi-axis motion controller
aerotech ensemble motion controller
Aerotech HEX RC Multi-axis Robotic Controller
High-performance, 6-axis motion controller
aerotech hex rc motion controller
Aerotech HexGen Hexapod Six-DOF Positioning System
Premier medium-load, ultra-precision hexapod
aerotech hexapod hexgen hex500-350HL
Aerotech HexGen Miniature Hexapod Six-DOF Positioning System
Ultra-fine positioning resolution, ample payload capacity, high process throughput
Aerotech PRO Series
New and improved PRO series
aerotech pro series
Aerotech PRO-SV Long-travel Lift Stages
Ultra-precise vertical motion in a low profile package
Aerotech S Series Brushless, Frameless Torque Motors
Rare-earth magnets for maximum torque and acceleration in a compact assembly
Aerotech Software
Aerotech Soloist Motion Controller
Single-axis servo controller
Aerotech soloist motion controller
Aerotech Stages - Linear
Linear, lift and Z-axis
Aerotech linear, rotary, lift Z-axis
Aerotech Stages - Rotary
Provide superior angular rates, accelarations and positioning
aerotech arms-150 rotary motion simulator
Aerotech XA4 PWM Servo Drive
Perfect fit for contoured multi-axis motion control and point-to-point applications