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New PowerMax-Pro OEM Sensors

The PowerMax-Pro OEM laser power sensor with large active area, fast response, and high power capacity offer advantages over the semiconductor detectors commonly used for continuous inline monitoring applications. In addition to unassembled OEM detectors, Coherent offers fully assembled and calibrated “developer’s kit” sensors. This configuration can be used as a fast, low power sensor or by engineers to facilitate the design process.


The PowerMax-Pro OEM utilises Coherent’s patented transverse thermoelectric detector technology which combines a fast response speed with the broadband wavelength coverage, large detection area, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile. This enables PowerMax-Pro to offer a higher performance and cost competitive, alternative to photodiodes, which commonly have small active areas and require optical attenuation and complex pre-amplification for onboard power measurement in precision materials processing systems.


Typical applications include aesthetic medical systems, precision micromachining systems used in microelectronics manufacturing (e.g. via drilling), solar cell fabrication, medical device production, and various tasks in converting/packaging.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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New Femtosecond Amplifier

The new Monaco HE is an ultrafast amplifier that delivers higher pulse energy over a wider operating range. Specifically, it delivers pulse energies of up to 2mJ at repetition rates as high as 10kHz (at 1030nm) and provides up to 25W of average power at repetition rates as high as 25kHz, with independent adjustment of both the pulse repetition rate and the pulse energy. Because the pulse width can be software varied from <250fs to >10ps, this amplifier can service demanding scientific applications, as well as advanced materials processing tasks. In addition, the Monaco HE measures a compact 70.4 x 46.5 x 29.6cm, making it attractive for both end users and OEM's.

Until now, laser amplifier users had to choose between Ti:S systems that offer high pulse energy at low (1-10kHz) repetition rates, or ytterbium-based amplifiers that typically feature high repetition rates but lower pulse energy. By combining several innovations in ytterbium laser technology, the all-new Monaco HE delivers both high pulse energy and high pulse repetition rates, and thus provides access to the performance gap that previously existed between these two technologies. Just as important, the Monaco HE was designed and manufactured from inception using rigorous HALT/HASS protocols. These techniques are essential to delivering exceptional levels of reliability and operational stability in lasers and amplifiers, and are a cornertsone of Coherent's Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science.

The combination of high pulse energy and high repetition rate makes the Monaco HE well-suited for spectroscopy applications such as multidimensional spectroscopy and time-resolved spectroscopy, which it can be also be used to pump tunable optical parametric devices such as an OPA or OPCPA.  The high peak power also enables efficient THz genertaion, providing easier access to this spectral region of increasing interest and research activity.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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Industrial UV Femtosecond Laser for Precision Cutting

The new Coherent Monaco UV femtosecond laser provides industrial 24/7 reliabiity with the energy, repetition rate, and resulting minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) to drive high-throughput, high-precision cutting, scribing and drilling in microelectronics. This makes the laser suitable for OLED cutting, wafer cutting, cutting of thin polymer films and foils, flex circuit and low-K material processing.

Whilte UV (345nm) femtosecond lasers deliver lower HAZ than otehr ultrashort pulse lasers, their deployment into the industrial market has been slowed by unsatisfactory reliability. In contrast, Monaco UV utlisies the rigorous HALT/HASS design, manufacturing, and testing protocols employed in the company's other high-reliability ultrafast and UV lasers. It is the first UV femtosecond laser which offers greater than 3X reduction in HAZ, while simultaneously delivering Coherent's hallmark indsutrial reliability.

For further inforamtion please contact us or download the datasheet.

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New Sapphire Single Frequency Lasers

With 50,000 installations, Sapphire is one of the most successful products in the laser industry.

Recently released to the Sapphire family are two high power models in the range of single frequency lasers.

  • Sapphire 488nm SF up to 150mW, FP up to 100mW
  • Sapphire 532nm SF up to 200mW, fibre pigtailed up to 150mW

Sapphire SF lasers are intended for applications that need narrow and ultra-narrow linewdith such as Raman spectroscopy, inteferometry, holography, metrology and inspection.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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Keopsys Yb Amplifier by Lumibird

CYFL-KILO stands for Ytterbium fibre laser with kilohertz linewidth. This series deliver up to 20W output with narrow lindewidth, low phase noise and low relative intensity noise (RIN).

CYFL-KILO lasers are based on an MOFPA design. They integrate an ultra-low noise and narrow linewdith seed laser (<70kHz), which is amplified through several highly stable Yb-doped fibre amplifier stages. Also, these lasers can be thermally tuned in wavelength over 200MHz, and their central emission line can be modulated for locking purposes.

  • Standard central wavelengths: 1030, 1064 and 1083nm
  • Linewidths of <3kHz available
  • Standard output power up to 20W (higher power available as a semi-custom)
  • Applications in Quantum optics, optical lattice generation, BEC, Interferometry and Metrology

For further information please contact Jeshua Graham or read more.


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