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WPI NanoFil Injection Syringe System

WPI NanoFil Injection Syringe System

WPI NanoFil Injection Syringe System

Sub-microlitre injection system for small animal research

World Precision Instruments



NanoFil is the world's smallest dead volume (2.7μl) injection syringe system (combined with an RPE or I/O kit) and ideal for use with mice and other small animals. It makes quantitative nanolitre injection much easier and more accurate than any other method currently in use.



  • Smallest dead volume injection syringe
  • Biologically compatible injection syringe
  • Various needle sizes availablefrom 26g, 33-36 g
  • Blunt or beveled needles
  • Compatible with WPI's UMP3 microinjection system
  • Customer needle shapes available - blunt, beveled

NanoFil's low dead volume eliminates the need for oil backfilling, a messy process which risks contamination of the injected sample. Injection is now simpler, and less messy, and there is no possibility of oil contamination in critical applications such as ophthalmology research (see the Retinal Pigment Epithelial RPE and Intra Ocular IO injection kits).


It can be operated by hand or used with the MMP, DMP or UMP3 pumping systems. The RPE and I/O kit contains SilFlex tubing that has 2.74μl dead volume. The Nanofil with a needle has a dead volume of the needle which can be as low as 1.5nl. It is excellent for low volume injections and syringe filling when back filling is undesirable. A common application is occular injections. Two syringes are available (10μl and 100μl, and the syringes can be adapted to Silflex tubing. Silflex is a plastic-coated glass tubing that is flexible and durable. It has a tiny dimaeter for low volume.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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