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Nikon AZ100 Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope

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Nikon AZ100 Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope

Nikon AZ100 Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope

Broad application range, from high to lower power, in a single microscope


The AZ100 offers a new concept in zoom microscopes covering a wide range of magnifications from 5x to 500x, all in a single nosepiece. Expand from macro to micro observation of the same specimen combining the advantages of a stereo microscope with wide field of view and long working distance - and a biological microscope with high magnification high resolution capability.

The Nikon AZ100 series is truly the most versatile and innovative microscope system available today providing ground breaking solutions for modern microscopists.


Wide Range of Magnifications: By combining built-in 8x zoom optics, which provide from 1x to 8x magnifications, with a three-position objective nosepiece, the AZ100 enables observation at the highest magnification ratio of any such device in the world.
Macro Observation by On-axis Viewing: True on-axis observation and image capture are possible in the macro region due to the AZ100's elimination of the traditional stereoscope's angular view of the specimen.
Mono Zoom Mechanism: Stereoscopic microscopes always capture images in a diagonal direction due to the structure of the device. The AZ100, however, captures high-resolution, high-contrast images with on-axis viewing.
Dedicated Stages: Both a reflected-only and a dual-purpose reflected/transmitted stage are available.
Convenient Aperture Stop: The AZ100 ships complete with an aperture stop that is effective not only for visual observation, but also for the capture of digital images.
Various microscopy Methods: In addition to brightfield observation, a wide range of observation methods is possibe, including epi-fluorescnece, Normanski DIC, simple polarising and oblique illumination.
Double-coarse/fine Focusing System: Focusing can be doen using either the AZ stand or stage controls.
Tilting Eyepiece Tubes: The AZ100 comes standard with eyepiece tubes that tilt from 0° to 30°, enabling optimum user comfort.
Stands: Two new extemely stable dedicated stands are offered: a reflected-only and a dual-purpose reflected/transmitted illumination stand.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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