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Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

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Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

Total microscope imaging software solution covering image capture, archiving and analysis


NIS-Elements AR was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research - giving the user complete control of all microscope and camera functions.

The software is geared to deliver power and maximise workflow. It handles multi-dimensional imaging flawlessly, with support for capture, display, peripheral device control, and data management and analysis of up to six dimensions (X,Y,Z, Lambda (wavelength), T, multipoint). It also offers sophisticated image processing features, such as an extremely powerful deconvolution module, exclusive one-click database capability, and Extended Depth of Focus function.

The system contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving and searching of large numbers of multi-dimensional image files.

Unified control of the entire imaging system offers significant benefits to users for cutting-edge research, such as live cell imaging.



From Single to Multi-Dimensional imaging - intuitive display of multi-dimensional datasets with multiple viewing options (e.g. slice, volume, time, spectral, binary, etc.), easy data management, and export-ready.
Go Beyond Image Capture - Photo-stimulation, Perfusion, Realtime measurements (e.g. Ca2+, FRET) during image acquisition
Image without Constraints or Limitations with JOBS - Custom-build your acquisition workflow with graphical programming
Intelligent Acquisition with JOBS and General Analysis (GA) - Let the results dictate the acqusition parameters with conditional workflows
Maximised Device Performance
       - NIS-Elements is designed to optimised the speed at which all components can perform
       - Maximise device usage through hardware triggering
       - Enables fastest possible image capture times for imaging and tracking fast biological events
       - Eliminates unnecessary light exposure, extending the health of the sample for long-term time lapses
Largest 3rd party integrator in the industry - Easily integrate and control non-Nikon devices for fully customised experiments



From simple manual measurements to automatic data collection of hundreds of parameters
Full suite of binary and image processing tools in General Analysis (GA)
Multi-channel binary software assay toolbox
2D and 3D Tracking and Measurement
Realtime analysis of live cell dynamics during acquisition - intensity based measurements, morphological based measurements, object tracking


Process and Visualise:

Easily view tiled/stitched large images
Unique Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) view for creating beautiful, high-contrast, in-focus 2D projection images from 3D data
Advanced 3D and 2D deconvolution algorithms for extending resolution
Unique visualisation options such as XYT view (3D kymograph)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.



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