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Okolab was founded in 2002 by a group of scientists on the leading edge of bio-medical research with a sound experience in the field of microscopy. Okolabs products range includes microscope incubation systems and intelligent software for computer controlled time-lapse experiments.


Product Keywords
Okolab Bold Line Cage Incubator
Large volume incubator with local CO2/O2 climate chamber
Okolab Bold Line Cage CO2 microscope stage incubator (MSI)
Okolab Bold Line Top Stage Incubator
OKOLAB latest release top stage incubator
Okolab top stage microscope stage incubator MSI
Okolab Glass T Plate
Transparent and flat surface at controlled temperature
Okolab heated glass table thermal plates
Okolab UNO Package Top Stage Incubator
Most accurate incubator
Okolab UNO top stage incubator
Okolab Water Jacket Top Stage Incubator
Top stage incubator, heating and cooling
Okolab water jacket top stage microscope stage incubator (MSI)